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Physicians Seeking Careers in Cardiology

Shortages in cardiology specialties plague most communities across the U.S.  The number of cardiology practices advertised is easily twice the total supply of candidates, which could mean lots of clicks on job boards, lots of submitted CV’s, lots of interviews, and lots of wasted time trying to find the right type of practice.  The Medicus Firm can help you through this difficult process by spending quality time with you on the front end of your search, and only presenting the types of positions that match your priorities.

Whatever style of cardiology you practice, rest assured that we represent many opportunities that should be considered, as we represent the following types of practices in virtually every state:

  • Noninvasive cardiology
  • Invasive/noninterventional cardiology
  • Interventional cardiology
  • Electrophysiology

The Medicus Firm’s Physician Staffing Services

The Medicus Firm has been providing physician staffing solutions since 2001. The Medicus Firm helps you grow within your medical field to reach greater heights for greater physician job opportunities. Our one goal is to provide the best permanent physician recruitment services to our clients and physicians alike. We focus on a unique recruitment strategy, demanding results and accountability, making us a choice physician staffing agency.

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