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Orthopedic surgery is a huge bottom line booster for hospitals that have the patient base to support one.  You, therefore, will be likely receive countless offers to investigate practices, and all will have different nuances to consider.  The key thing our orthopedic surgery candidates tell us about working with our firm is that they appreciate the legwork we do on their behalf, before they ever consider a practice.  Case volumes, types of cases, anesthesia coverage, block times in the OR, and everything else they would want to know, are right in front of them, saving them valuable time and ensuring that they make the right choice in this important decision. Browse our orthopedic surgery positions, or contact us for details.

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The Medicus Firm has been providing physician staffing solutions since 2001. The Medicus Firm helps you grow within your medical field to reach greater heights for greater physician job opportunities. Our one goal is to provide the best permanent physician recruitment services to our clients and physicians alike. We focus on a unique recruitment strategy, demanding results and accountability, making us a choice physician staffing agency.

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