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The Medicus Firm is different. Our physician recruitment firm does more than find doctors to fill jobs, or jobs for doctors; we match personal and career goals with the vision and offerings of our clients. We represent searches in virtually every specialty and nearly every state. However, our recruitment consultants work in a defined region so that they understand the nuances of practicing medicine in the area, the insurance climate, licensing, and reimbursements. Many of the searches we represent are difficult to fill, based on the unique needs of our client, which is why we employ the most experienced consultants in the business. The Medicus Firm helps expand the horizons of our clients, while helping physicians find the right practice.

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About Alaska

It is believed that people began to settle in western Alaska around 14,000 B.C. Many different Asian, European and Eskimo groups came across the Bering Land Bridge to spread throughout the northwestern part of North America. Russian settlement began in the late 1700s as fur traders came from Siberia, eventually making permanent settlements. While some were able to make peace with the natives, others constantly fought. During this time there were also a few British and Spanish settlements sprinkled throughout Alaska. The U.S. gained control in 1867 after Russia had been having financial difficulties. After a gold rush in Canada, many settlers from America finally began to arrive hoping to find gold and a new home. Today, Alaska is most known for controversies over drilling for oil.

Alaska Physician Services

The Medicus Firm is a name you can trust to help you find the perfect opportunity for you. No matter your years of experience, our physician advisors can help you discover the perfect job based upon your specific needs. You can expect to only receive offers relevant for you, and you won’t get calls from multiple recruiters.

Alaska Physician Staffing for Employers

We are different from other physician staffing agencies, because we get to know each of the physicians we work with on a personal level, learning about your interests, your priorities, your motivation for change, and the things most important to you, so that we can find the right practice and community. Many of our physicians are referred to us by fellow physicians with whom we have worked in the past. Each recruitment consultant knows how to facilitate the right fit for our physician and for our client. We can even help if you are expanding your practice.

For more information about The Medicus Firm’s physician recruitment services, call 800-779-8804 or 888-260-4242.