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Medical Staffing Agency

In the medical industry, patient care and the ability to staff reliable, qualified physicians should be your focus. Your average physician staffing company does not offer the depth and breadth of candidate sourcing, screening and consulting you need to be able to focus on those priorities. The Medicus Firm offers real solutions for your healthcare company.

Reduce Financial Exposure

We assist our clients in finding the best physicians possible to fill their open positions. We believe in safeguarding your investment into our physician staffing services, and we don’t expect you to pay for multiple searches without ever getting a physician. Our relationship with you is a long-term commitment, so we do not feel the need to charge individual search fees. Our placement fees are also based on performance, so that you can make sure you are completely satisfied before making a huge financial investment.

Expand Your Medical Practice

Growing your practice on your own is tough, especially if your resources are limited. Our professional search consultants can guide you through the process of structuring a competitive offer, working through contractual details and recruiting quality medical professionals.

Doctor Staffing Services

For more information about The Medicus Firm’s physician recruitment services, call 800-779-8804 or 888-260-4242.