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Physician Recruiting Services

Reliable Physician Recruitment

Physicians value the staffing team at The Medicus Firm to achieve your ideal career goals on your own terms. Our physician recruitment services can help you make more money, experience diverse clinical settings, expand leadership experience or just have more free time. Our highly trained medical recruiters care about your medical career growth. Our job is to help you achieve your goals as a doctor.

Practice Evaluation

Our physician recruitment team visits every opportunity before representing them to ensure that it is a great opportunity for our physicians. While on site, we examine all requirements, patient trends and the environment of the facility. We can then create a profile that lets you know in detail what a position entails. In this way we save you time by allowing you to see and choose for yourself the right placement for you.

Personalized Approach to Healthcare Recruiting

Each physician that works with us has their own individual recruiter. Through this personal relationship all questions will be answered with a simple phone call, and this becomes your one point of contact. By not providing your information to other staffing agents, we protect your privacy and your time by eliminating calls about opportunities that you are not interested in.

Physician Staffing Services

To find out how our physician recruitment services and benefit you, call The Medicus Firm at 800-779-8804 or 888-260-4242.