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With today’s expanding health care industry and its contracting supply of physicians, physician vacancies are wreaking havoc on most healthcare employers. This will force many hospitals and medical groups to turn to outside help to fill these open physician jobs. Definitive results without great financial risk is an important factor in choosing the right physician recruiting firm. The Medicus Firm has been providing solutions to medical groups throughout the United States since 2001. Our staffing firm is a true partner in the medical industry.

Recruiter Transparency

The Medicus Firm is a name you can trust for your physician staffing projects. We don’t believe in hiding who is conducting your physician search for you. The bios of our experienced recruitment professionals are posted on our website, and you will meet your recruiter before the search even begins, giving you the comfort of knowing your company is in good hands.

Low Recruiter Turnover

Our recruiters are some of the best in the business. With an average of over nine years of experience each, they have the industry knowledge to bring together the perfect team of doctors for your medical facility. You should be able to trust your recruiter and know that they are there for you through the entire process. Each recruiter only handles six clients at a time, allowing them to provide the highest quality customer service. Our recruiters are all satisfied team members who appreciate the fact that we never let them “burn out” by juggling too many projects at once. Our happy recruiters benefit you by doing a better job than any other physician staffing service.

Regional Recruiting

Excellent customer service also means knowledgeable staff members. Each recruitment specialist works for a specified region. They know all about the health care field in their market, so that they know exactly what to do for clients in their area. This personalized, regional approach allows for the best possible results.

Doctor Staffing Services

To find out how our physician recruitment services and benefit you, call The Medicus Firm at 800-779-8804 or 888-260-4242.