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The Medicus Firm's Physician Leadership Division is boutique in size, powered by unparalleled resources in the physician and physician executive search industry. Our experienced physician leadership search team brings decades of experience to clients spanning both private sector clients and academic institutions. The Medicus Firm has brought a refreshing change to the executive search firm industry's traditional pricing model, and our clients have rewarded that innovation with repeat search engagements and referrals throughout the nation.

The Medicus Firm has unmatched insight into the physician community, driven by the technology & breadth of resources provided by our parent company, M3 USA. M3 has brought the largest physician community together in the world, spanning nearly 4,000,000 physicians across the globe in its various international businesses. Our Physician Leadership Research team has been able to segment this physician community, allowing our executives to connect with both existing physician leaders as well as emerging physician leaders who possess the gifts to lead in today's rapidly changing world of today's healthcare market. In the United States, M3 has assembled the following brands:

The Medicus Firm
Profiles Physician database
M3 Global Research

Culture Compatibility

The Medicus Firm has been built on the outstanding workplace culture it provides to its team spanning offices in Dallas & Atlanta. As a Modern Healthcare "Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare" for 7 straight years, our nearly fanatical focus on constantly improving our workplace culture has led us to understand how critically important having the right culture fit is to the success of an organization.

Culture compatibility assessment - The Medicus Firm has the ability to take culture assessment to the next level. Understanding a client's culture and successfully identifying physician executives who fit an organization's culture (or are being asked to help change culture) are the most important tasks of a successful executive recruiter. Our executives not only have decades of experience pinpointing the elusive "culture match" between client and physician leader but have also have built The Medicus Firm on a foundation of a positive workplace culture.

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