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The Medicus Firm is regularly cited by national media outlets as well as healthcare industry media, regarding physician workforce and recruiting trends, physician compensation trends, and industry news such as healthcare legislation and policy that impacts the healthcare workforce and patient care. For inquiries about any of the reports cited in the news, to obtain a statement or media interview, or for related information, please email Andrea Clement (Santiago) at, or use the media request form.

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Travel Ban Could Heighten Doctor Shortage

Atlanta Journal-Constitution • 3-21-2017

Provider Recruitment Trends

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5 Things to Know about Physician Placement Trends

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7 Healthcare Strategists on What to Expect Post-Election

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20 Key Insights into the World of Independent Physicians

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9 Tips for Recruiting a Physician Assistant

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Radiology Job Market Update 2016

Diagnostic Imaging • 8-04-2016

Competition for New Docs Pushing Pay Higher

Modern Healthcare (See more detailed version of this article in July print edition) • 7-18-2016

Wanted: 1,800 New VA Physicians

HealthLeaders Media • 6-28-2016

Provider Placement Summary Provides Insight into Recruiting Trends

Recruiting Physicians Today - NEJM Careers • 6-09-2016

Physician Recruitment Competition Spreads to Urban Areas: Analysis

Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) • 3-10-2016

7 Key Findings on Physician Employment

Becker's Hospital Review • 2-27-2016

Physician Placement in 2015: 8 Key Findings

Becker's Spine Review • 2-23-2016

M3 Acquires The Medicus Firm

Becker's Hospital Review • 1-07-2016

M3 Buys Physician Search Provider The Medicus Firm

Staffing Industry Analysts • 1-05-2016

Interviews: The Right Way to Talk about Salary

Physician Careers Daily • 11-25-2015

Trends in Physician Job Market Reflect Industry Changes

Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) • 11-19-2015

Medical Care Troubles Continue for Veterans

The West Georgian • 11-16-2015

The Interview is Over - What's Next?

Physician Careers Daily • 11-08-2015

Understanding Physician Bonus Structures

Physician Careers Daily • 10-20-2015

Highlights from the 2015 Physician Practice Preference Survey

Recruiting Physicians Today - NEJM Careers • 10-07-2015

When Physician Compensation is Tied to Productivity

Physician Careers Daily • 9-02-2015

Compensation Trends for Call Coverage

Physician Careers Daily • 9-02-2015

Physician Compensation Stabilizes [pdf] (see pp. 20-22)

Chicago Medicine Magazine • 8-17-2015

8 Things for Spine Surgeons to Know

Becker's Orthopedic & Spine • 8-06-2015

2014 Physician Salary by Specialty

Becker's Hospital Review • 7-08-2015

What Physicians Want in a Practice Setting

Becker's Hospital Review • 7-06-2015

Behind Higher Physician Fees, a Big Problem Lurks

HealthLeaders Media • 7-06-2015

Medscape Names Tennessee the Best Place to Practice Medicine

The Advisory Board Company • 5-26-2015

Best Places to Practice 2015

MedScape • 5-18-2015

3 Potential Surprises about the Interview Process

Physician Careers Daily • 5-15-2015

Dress for Success (and What Not to Wear to Your Interview)

Physician Careers Daily • 4-23-2015

Women in Practice Could Mean More Flexible Schedules

Renal & Urology News • 4-09-2015

Attract Outstanding Staff to Your Urgent Care Practice

Ambulatory M&A Advisor • 4-09-2015

The ICD-10 Doctor Exodus: Fact or Fiction?

Healthcare Finance News • 4-01-2015

Putting Social Media to Work - Your Healthcare Job Search

Advance Healthcare Network • 3-30-2015

Healthcare Provider Placements: 9 Key Points

Becker's Hospital Review • 3-20-2015

11 Key Statistics on Provider Placement in 2015

Becker's Hospital Review • 3-13-2015

Why Some Physicians Steer Clear of Government Practice

Becker's Hospital Review • 1-26-2015

One Third of Physicians Would Consider Government Practice Jobs

Fierce Practice Management • 1-14-2015

A Physician Shortage, but Too Many Radiologists • 1-08-2015

Can Pessimism Among Healthcare Professionals Be Overcome?

Becker's Hospital Review • 12-12-2014

Physicians Feeling More Positive About the ACA • 11-15-2014

What You Need to Know about the PPACA Today

Becker's Hospital Review • 11-10-2014

ACA Earns Higher Scores with Physicians

Medical Economics • 10-21-2014

Physicians Give PPACA Improved Ratings

Becker's Hospital Review • 10-15-2014

5 Things for Pharma Marketers to Know

Medical Marketing & Media • 10-15-2014

Physicians Warming to Affordable Care Act?

Fierce Healthcare • 10-15-2014

Hospitals Will Lean On Local, Outside Help for Staffing

New Orleans City Business (subscription req'd) • 8-13-2014

Specialists See Little Change in Compensation, Survey Finds

Modern Healthcare (reg. req'd) • 7-21-2014

VA Needs $17.6B to Resolve Treatment Delay Issues

Becker's Hospital Review • 7-18-2014

Doctors' Employment Contracts Due for Renewal - and Revamp

Modern Healthcare (reg. req'd) • 7-14-2014

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Buffalo Business First (subscription req'd) • 6-27-2014

Many Physicians Regret Career Choice, Survey Says

Becker's Hospital Review • 6-19-2014

Opinion: Why Hiring More VA Docs Won't Be Easy

HealthLeaders Media • 6-18-2014

Survey Says Few Docs Want to Work for Government

Monthly Prescribing Reference • 6-16-2014

Are Physician Signing Bonuses on the Decline?

Becker's Hospital Review • 5-01-2014

Physician Assistant Placements on the Rise

Becker's Hospital Review • 5-01-2014

Doctors From Abroad: A Cure for the Physician Shortage

Journal of the Catholic Health Association of the United States - Health Progress • 3-03-2014

How Do Physicians View Quality Incentive-Based Pay?

Becker's Hospital Review • 2-28-2014

Making the Transition from Physician Owner to Employee

Physician's Money Digest • 2-27-2014

Physicians: Reluctant Hospital Employees?

Becker's Hospital Review • 2-24-2014

Healthcare Job Losses Spell Trouble for Physicians

Becker's Hospital Review • 1-17-2014

Signing Bonuses, Higher Pay Top Docs' Wish Lists

Fierce Practice Management • 11-13-2013

3 Current Hospitalist Trends

Becker's Hospital Review • 11-08-2013

3 Tips for Physicians on Writing Cover Letters

Medical Economics • 10-18-2013

Unique PTO Program Draws Mission-Driven Workforce to Hospital

Becker's Hospital Review • 10-11-2013

6 Tips for Recruiting Physicians to Rural Hospitals

Becker's Hospital Review • 8-16-2013

Health Reform Fails With Physicians

Dallas Healthcare Daily • 8-05-2013

Physicians Give Health Reform (ACA) an "F" for Failure to Meet Objectives

The Factor Online - (Reg. Req'd) • 8-01-2013

Physicians Crown ACA With Dunce Cap • 8-01-2013

Pay, Reimbursement Rates are Biggest Complaints Among Doctors

Puget Sound Business Journal • 7-17-2013

More Job Opportunities Available for Physicians • 7-16-2013

How Do Physicians Find New Practice Opportunities?

Becker's Hospital Review • 7-15-2013

10 Most Pressing Career Concerns for Physicians

Becker's Hospital Review • 7-12-2013

Physician Compensation Models are Upside Down

HealthLeaders Media • 7-11-2013

Only One Third of Physicians Satisfied with Their Income

Dallas Healthcare Daily • 7-03-2013

MD Employment Preference Limiting Income

Physician's Money Digest • 7-03-2013

Physicians Give PPACA a Failing Grade

Becker's Hospital Review • 6-30-2013

Survey: Physicians Generally Dissatisfied with their Pay

Becker's Hospital Review • 6-28-2013

Hospital Jobs Turning into a Doctors' Market

American Medical News • 6-24-2013

Physicians Give Health Reform Law an "F" in 4 out of 5 Categories

The Factor Online - (Reg. Req'd) • 6-10-2013

5 Must-haves for the Physician CV

Medical Economics • 6-03-2013

Physician Career Moves: List Before You Leap

American Medical News • 6-03-2013

Doctor Shortage Pushes Recruiters in New Directions • 5-24-2013

Best and Worst Places to Practice: 2013

MedScape (reg. req'd) • 5-22-2013

Stronger Economy Stimulates Doctor Turnover

American Medical News • 4-01-2013

Recruiting, Retaining Physicians Requires Finesse

HealthLeaders Media • 2-28-2013

Planning for Physician Recruitment - Not a 'One Size Fits All' Process

Journal of the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters • 2-13-2013

High-demand Docs Command Bonuses

Crain's New York Business • 2-03-2013

The Medicus Firm Named 2013 Best of Staffing Client Winner

Inavero / CareerBuilder • 2-01-2013

Physician Job Interview Tips

ENT Today • 12-06-2012

Hiring of Non-Physician Providers on the Rise

Becker's Hospital Review • 11-02-2012

ACO Recruiting Turns to Non-Physicians

HealthLeaders Media • 11-01-2012

How ACOs Will Affect Physician Recruitment

Becker's Hospital Review • 10-19-2012

ACOs Challenge Physician Recruiting Even More

Fierce Healthcare • 10-10-2012

Hospitals Struggle with Physician Poaching • 6-18-2012

One-third of Physicians Unhappy with 2011 Pay

Becker’s Hospital Review • 6-18-2012

40 New Statistics on 2011 Physician Compensation

Becker’s Hospital Review • 6-14-2012

Physician Assistants and the Affordable Care Act: Implications Unknown

Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants • 4-02-2012

More Practices Offer Docs Part-time, Job-sharing Perks

Fierce Practice Management • 3-28-2012

Job hunting harder for older doctors

Medical Economics • 2-10-2012

Competition to Employ Physicians Heats Up

Fierce Healthcare • 2-09-2012

Signing Bonuses Offered to Physicians More Frequently

Becker’s Hospital Review • 2-07-2012

Are hospitals snubbing qualified physicians?

Becker’s Hospital Review • 12-07-2011

Qualified Physicians Might be Overlooked

Physicians Money Digest • 12-06-2011

Physicians Tap Into New Revenue Streams

Medical Economics • 8-10-2011

15 Statistics from Recent Healthcare Compensation Surveys

Becker’s Hospital Review • 7-20-2011

Radiologists Report Declining Incomes • 7-15-2011

Shrink Pay Not Shrinking • 7-13-2011

Social Media for Your Practice

Dermatology World • 7-01-2011

10 Factors Limiting Physician Compensation

Becker’s Hospital Review • 6-28-2011

Physician CV: Make Yours Stand Out

HealtheCareers • 6-27-2011

61% of Physicians Dissatisfied with Pay

Fierce Healthcare • 6-24-2011

Physician Recruiting from both sides of the table

Medical Economics • 5-10-2011