Evaluation of Practice and Community (EPiC) Reports

Evaluation of Practice and Community (EPiC) Reports enables The Medicus Firm's clients and candidates to make informed decisions. We have invested in the best technology to allow the client and candidate experience team to produce customized content tailored to each opportunity represented in any community nationwide. EPiC Reports are not a collection of links to other websites but contain original content developed by The Medicus Firm with input from its clients.


  • Customized content tailored to each opportunity with input from the client
  • Describes all details associated with the practice and community, including educational options, climate, proximity to other cities, and practice details and the offer/benefits
  • Web-based and fully trackable
  • Mobile friendly


  • Have confidence the candidates chosen to interview will be fully informed about the opportunity
  • Address potential concerns before investing in travel costs
  • Provide unique, first-hand experience of the opportunity
  • Minimize unanswered questions
  • Reach providers where they are always accessible — their phones

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