Recruiting Progress Reports

Recruiting Progress Reports

As retained search consultants, we are partners in your recruitment as an extension of your organization's in-house recruiting and administrative team. As our partner, you should have easy access to real-time recruiting updates and data whenever needed, including frequent and ongoing communication from your dedicated search consultant. Our newly updated technology includes mobile-friendly access to your search status through a user-friendly online portal. The progress report provides all the data you need to assess the progress of your search(es), identify any crucial patterns in candidate activity and feedback, and work with us to tweak the process if needed to maximize results.

Monitor Recruiting Activity 24/7

No matter what time or day of the week you need an update, our online portal allows you to access your search activity report immediately from any device or computer.

See the history of all candidates contacted and the result of that contact - candidate interviews, candidate rejections or declines, offers extended, and the status of each. The reports outline the candidate trends specific to your search and provide consultative solutions recommended by your The Medicus Firm search consultant based on market feedback. This enables you and your recruiting team to address any activity trends impacting your search's ultimate success, tweak the process if necessary, and achieve optimum results.

Reporting Transparency and Results

When recruiting healthcare professionals, information is paramount to the success of each search. Therefore, we provide comprehensive provider recruiting progress reports, so our clients have the necessary information at their fingertips. We want you to know as much as possible about your recruitment status, as that helps increase the lines of communication and facilitates the search.

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