August 01 2012

Best Companies

We've posted that we were selected by Modern Healthcare as a Best Place to Work in Healthcare. We've been awarded as a Best Company to Work for in Texas for the last four years in a row. These are high honors that make us feel immensely proud to work here. But what about those of you who don’t work at The Medicus Firm? You may think that our designation as a “Best Place to Work” doesn’t affect you unless you are employed here. However, our award-winning work environment impacts our clients and candidates in addition to our associates. I'd like to spend just a few minutes describing the process by which companies are selected for these awards and how it impacts others beyond our team of employees. First, the selection process for these awards is rigorous and includes an overall assessment of the company, including everything from employee turnover, diversity, benefits and philanthropy, to company culture. Our Director of Human Resources handles that part of the survey. The second part of the process involves our employees who are surveyed directly and anonymously by The Best Companies Group related to their compensation, their work environment, their understanding of the company's goals, their fulfillment, etc. We get a summary report at the end of the process that helps us to identify areas in which we need to continue to work to be a better place to work. Funny enough, our lowest scores are typically related to our effective heating and cooling of the office space! This is an ongoing battle with some people always hot and others always cold. To get such positive feedback directly and anonymously from each member of our staff is very gratifying. We have always worked hard to provide a professional atmosphere that promotes effective performance while maintaining a fun and rewarding office environment. We enjoy fun events once a quarter, we complete two philanthropy projects per year per office to give back to our communities, we share lots and lots of performance information with our entire staff so that they know how we're doing, and most of all, we treat people fairly. We treat them the way we would want to be treated. Doing so, we believe, ensures that we are able to continue to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry. Our turnover statistics are well below industry standards as a result. This ensures our clients and the physicians with whom they work continuity and, in the vast majority of cases, a long and mutually beneficial relationship with a trusted partner. The other benefit of our "Best Company" status is that our clients can be certain that our organizational goals of effective performance and client retention are aligned with those of our staff. We've seen company after company in our industry and in others fall from glory because the values of the people in charge did not match those of the people on the front lines. To all of my colleagues, I would like to share a heartfelt and sincere thank you for being so great and for keeping our culture so strong. To our clients and physicians, my hope is that you benefit from our positive work environent and culture through long and effective relationships with your territory representatives and your recruiters. Sincerely, Jim

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