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Physician Jobs in Cardiac Electrophysiology

The Medicus Firm has 2 physician jobs in Cardiac Electrophysiology

Coastal Florida Electrophysiology
Ref# EP 23248

Private Group Electrophysiology - Coastal Florida“America’s Happiest Seaside Town”- Coastal Living MagazinePosition HighlightsEstablished private practice is seeking an electrophysiolog » Read More


EP Cardiology
Ref# EP 23336

Interventional CardiologyCOASTAL VIRGINIAEstablished & Growing PracticeFull-time position, Mon-Fri workweekLight call schedule (7 per month)Up to $100K commencement packageFull bene » Read More


Cardiac Electrophysiology Jobs

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When you’re looking to pursue a career in the Cardiac Electrophysiology field, you will need to begin by completing a Bachelor's degree. While some specialties require you to have your degree in a certain field, there is no specific requirement for Cardiac Electrophysiology. Once you have finished your Bachelor's degree in whatever field you choose, you will move on to complete 4 years of medical school. After that, you will need 3 years of training in internal medicine and 3 or more years of specialized training in Cardiovascular Disease. To acquire board certification in Cardiology, you will need 2 additional years of training. Lastly, you will need to become certified in Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology.

As someone working in the Cardiac Electrophysiology field, you should have skills including, but not limited to, problem-solving, attention to detail, compassion, and communication (so that you can explain things to patients when necessary).

Salary + Job Growth
The current average salary for someone working in Cardiac Electrophysiology is $90,065, or roughly $43 per hour. Depending upon your experience and location, however, you could earn over $120,000 per year. The expected job outlook for Cardiology as a general specialty is 7% by 2030.

Job Duties
While working in Cardiac Electrophysiology, you will be performing duties such as testing for, diagnosing, and treating abnormal heart rhythms (called arrhythmias), implanting devices that will regulate patients’ heartbeats, and performing procedures to fix heart rhythm problems. Also included in the job description of a Cardiac Electrophysiologist is diagnosing and treating conditions such as atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, and ventricular fibrillation, among others.

Work Environment
In most cases, Cardiac Electrophysiologists work in cardiac practices or hospitals.

Some benefits of working in Cardiac Electrophysiology are the impact you have on patients and being able to build rapport, having a high salary, and working in a respected profession.

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