Physician Recruitment Process



We will consult with you on your specific goals and family needs



We will connect you with the best opportunities for your career goals and advancement



We will walk you through the decision and contract negotiation process



We will help find a practice where you will succeed for years to come

We Focus on Your Career Goals

The Medicus Firm has one of the largest, most tenured, and knowledgeable teams of physician recruiters in the industry. We build relationships with top employers and leading healthcare systems across the country to bring candidates the best practice opportunities. Each employer and opportunity is visited and vetted personally by one of our recruiting associates, to ensure it's a viable practice where a physician can succeed and excel in his or her medical specialty.

A Unique Approach to Physician Recruiting

The Medicus Firm brings a unique, individualized approach to your job search by working closely with you to reach your health career goals. Our regionalized teams ensure that your recruiter works solely in the states where you want to practice and are experienced with the medical practice climate in that area. Your physician recruiter matches opportunities to your specific skill set and goals.

A Balanced Lifestyle for Physician Career Success

A balanced life is a high priority for most physicians and clinicians in today's workforce. Our recruiting team is trained to help you find a balance of career and personal life, by finding a practice in the best setting and structure for you, with the right benefits and incentives to meet the needs of you and your family.

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