The Medicus Firm Blog

The Medicus Firm Blog

October 31 2012


We try to have a good time in everything we do and halloween is no exception. There is nothing like walking into a professional office building in whate patent leather platform shoes and blue polyester 29" waist bell-...

October 30 2012


Our thoughts and prayers are with our clients and all others who are affected by this terrible storm. The Medicus Firm Family

October 05 2012

Medicus Mustache-A-Thon

Charles Casebolt is a lifelong and dear friend of mine. We grew up in Temple Texas. From playing legos and tag to crushes and school dances and sports to getting in all kinds of trouble, Charles and I have a lifelong bond ...

September 14 2012

Dochunter Diary

In April of 2006, we had a crazy idea to start a blog where we could discuss topics relevant to the recruitment of physicians. We called it After lots of posts and six and a half years, we have finally ...