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Gynecology Jobs

Founded in 2009, The Medicus Firm has helped thousands of healthcare providers find their dream jobs using this job board. To accompany the job board, The Medicus Firm also offers free resources such as a news blog, a practice preference and relocation survey, and a job satisfaction and search report. The news blog covers topics that healthcare providers may encounter throughout their careers, as well as pertinent updates and information regarding The Medicus Firm, such as awards and company updates. The relocation survey and search report are both available for users to request for download so that they may be viewed at any time.

Salary + Job Growth
The current average Gynecology salary is $249,781 per year, which averages out to around $120 per hour. While your salary may vary based on your location, skillset, and years of experience, you do have the ability to pursue a job in a location with a higher average salary. For example, the states that pay the highest Gynecology salaries are as follows: New Jersey, Wyoming, Washington, Massachusetts, and California. The average salaries in these states range from $278,450, in New Jersey, to $294,613, in California. This field is expected to decrease by around 2% by the year 2030.

Benefits of working as a Gynecologist include being in a high-demand field, receiving above-average compensation, having the ability to specialize in one particular area, building relationships with patients, having the opportunity to own a private practice, and being able to choose from multiple work environments.

As a Gynecologist, you should possess the following skills: active listening, problem-solving, the ability to work on a team, the ability to work under pressure, and communication skills.

Job Duties
As a Gynecologist, you can expect to provide sexual health and reproductive services such as pelvic exams, testing, treatment for vaginal infections, cancer screenings, and pap tests. You will also treat reproductive system disorders such as endometriosis, pelvic pain, and ovarian cysts. A position in this field also includes performing breast examinations and identifying tumors within the female reproductive system.

Work Environment
While working as a physician in Gynecology, you could work in a number of different places: doctors’ offices, outpatient clinics, general hospitals, specialty hospitals, or academics.

You may decide to pursue CME, or continuing medical education, after you have completed the education requirements necessary to practice Gynecology. There are specialty-focused organizations and directory-like websites that can help you locate CME resources. These resources may include podcasts, live or virtual conferences, webinars, videos, or live or virtual courses. Some organizations and websites you can use to find CME resources are as follows: Mayo Clinic, myCME, Washington University St. Louis, CMEList, Harvard, AudioDigest, American Seminar Institute, and The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACoG).

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