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Growing ID Practice - $650K Plus
Ref# ID 22554

Infectious Disease - Established Physician Owned Practice Top Rated Beach Location - Great Culture Southeastern US State - Very Desirable Metro AreaBecause Life is Better at the Beach. » Read More

Destin Fl, Florida

Turnkey Infectious Disease
Ref# ID 16406

Turnkey Infectious Disease, Medical Director position available if desired!$300k base, $30k annual quality incentive, $20k relocation expenses$75,000 Sign-on Bonus!Make Your Own Schedu » Read More

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Chief of Infectious Disease
Ref# ID 23100

Chief of Infectious DiseasesPosition Overview:The Medicus Firm Executive Search, in collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of South Alabama Frederick P » Read More

Mobile, Alabama

Infectious Disease Jobs

Founded in 2009, The Medicus Firm has used its job board to assist thousands of healthcare providers in finding their perfect jobs. In addition to the job board, you will find a news blog, a job satisfaction and search report, and a practice preference and relocation survey. The news blog contains all updates and information regarding The Medicus Firm, as well as articles covering topics that physicians may have questions about throughout their careers. These articles cover topics such as compensation models, interview tips, and more.

Salary + Job Growth
The current average salary for an Infectious Disease specialist is $217,455, which comes out to around $105 per hour. Your salary will vary based on your location, skill set, and years of experience. With that being said, the states with the highest average salaries are as follows (in ascending order): North Dakota, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and California. The average salaries in these states range from $240,862, in North Dakota, to $261,799, in Massachusetts. The Infectious Disease specialty is expected to grow by approximately 30% by the year 2030.

Some benefits of working in this role include (but are not limited to) having a variety of career options, working in a highly-respected position, being able to choose an area that allows you to build relationships with patients, receiving above-average compensation, and working with many other specialists.

The skills you should possess when working in Infectious Disease are as follows: leadership, communication skills, collaborative skills, and critical thinking skills.

Job Duties
Infectious Disease specialists are responsible for completing job duties such as reviewing patients’ medical records, conducting physical exams, ordering additional testing, determining the extent of an illness, and creating treatment plans based on diagnoses.

Work Environment
As an Infectious Disease specialist, you may work in a clinic or a hospital.

While your journey to working as a healthcare professional in Infectious Disease may be long and overwhelming, you may still decide that you wish to pursue CME, or continuing medical education. There are specialty-focused organizations as well as directory-like websites that can guide you toward CME resources. These resources may include things such as podcasts, live or virtual conferences, webinars, videos, and live or virtual sources. Some places you can find these resources include: Harvard, the American Medical Association (AMA), CMEList, myCME, the American Academy of FamilyPractice (AAFP), AudioDigest, Mayo Clinic, InfectiousDiseaseAdvisor, and Healio.

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