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Executive Jobs in Plastic Surgery

The Medicus Firm has 2 physician jobs in Plastic Surgery with salaries ranging from $385,000 to $425,000

Plastic Surgery - New York City Suburb - $1MM+
Ref# PS 23702

Seeking a dynamic Plastic Surgery Physician to join an established private practice in a desirable waterfront New York City suburb. This is a great opportunity to provide world-class me » Read More

New York City, New York

Director of Lymphedema
Ref# PS 23414

Director of LymphedemaThe Medicus Firm Executive Search is proud to continue its partnership with the Department of Surgery, Division of Plastic Surgery at Oregon Health Science Univers » Read More

Portland, Oregon

Plastic Surgery Jobs

Since its founding in 2009, The Medicus Firm has used this job board to help thousands of healthcare providers find the jobs that are perfect for them. In addition to the job board, The Medicus Firm offers free resources such as a news blog, a practice preference and relocation survey, and a job satisfaction and search report. The news blog has all pertinent updates relating to The Medicus Firm, including awards and employee updates, as well as articles covering topics that physicians may encounter throughout their careers. The relocation survey and search report are available for users to request for download so that they may be viewed at any time.

Salary + Job Growth
The current average salary for a Plastic Surgeon is $343,187 per year, which averages out to around $164 per hour. Keep in mind, however, that your salary will vary based on your location, skill set, and years of experience. The states with the highest average salaries are as follows (in ascending order): Nevada, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Hawaii, and Tennessee. The average salaries in these states range from $359,608, in Nevada, to $367,738, in Tennessee. The Plastic Surgeon field is expected to grow by 3.5% by the year 2028.

Some of the benefits of working as a Plastic Surgeon include job satisfaction, above-average compensation, having the ability to use several different techniques, using creativity to treat patients, having a variety of specialist/setting options, and flexibility in lifestyle.

In this profession, you must possess skills such as attention to detail, communication skills, interpersonal skills, the ability to work on a team, integrity, and compassion.

Job Duties
As a Plastic Surgeon, you will be examining patients and assessing any deformities or illnesses. To treat these ailments, you will apply the appropriate reconstructive, cosmetic, and corrective medical treatments, perform surgeries on patients who want to change certain body parts, perform non-invasive treatments (such as botox and fillers), follow up with patients to provide appropriate medical care, and follow up with patients after their care.

Work Environment
In most cases, Plastic Surgeons work in operating rooms of hospitals, but they may also work in medical schools or private practice.

The process of completing your education to become a physician can be overwhelming, but even so, you may decide to pursue CME, or continuing medical education. There are Plastic Surgery organizations and directory-like websites that can guide you to CME resources. Some CME resources include podcasts, live or virtual conferences, videos, live or virtual courses, and webinars. The organizations and websites you can utilize to find CME resources are as follows:, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), eMedEvents, StatPearls, the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), and the Association of Plastic Surgery Physician Assistants (APSPA).

The Medicus Firm has a commitment to help healthcare providers find the jobs that best fit their needs and will be most fulfilling.