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Northeast Urgent Care - NO Call- 3/4 Day workweek
Ref# UC 23201

Beautiful Northern Virginia | Hospital Employed | Outpatient Only | Flexible Schedule | No Call | Private Office | Position Highlights$250k+ Earnings Outpatient-only urgent care Monday » Read More

Front Royal, Virginia

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Salary + Job Growth
The average salary for an Urgent Care Physician is $297,636, which averages out to about $78 per hour. The highest-paying states for someone in this position are Kentucky, Illinois, New Jersey, Wyoming, and Connecticut. Your salary will vary based on where you live, your skillset, and how many years of experience you have. The projected job growth for this role is about 37% by the year 2026.

The benefits of working as an Urgent Care specialist include better, more predictable hours, a lower risk of burnout, using a patient-centered approach, and having a wide range of job opportunities.

As an Urgent Care Physician, you should have the following skills: interpersonal skills, compassion, communication skills, and patience.

Job Duties
Overall, your job as an Urgent Care Physician is to take care of patients that need care that doesn’t warrant making a trip to the emergency room. This could include things like giving stitches, performing medical procedures and exams, and writing prescriptions.

Work Environment
You will work in either an urgent care or an outpatient clinic.

While the journey to becoming a medical professional can be long, some choose to pursue CME, or continuing medical education. You will find that there are both specialty-specific and more generalized organizations that can provide you with resources. CME resources may include podcasts, live or virtual conferences, webinars, videos, or live or virtual courses. Among these organizations are the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the Institute of Urgent Care Medicine (IUCM), Master Clinicians, the Journal of Urgent Care Medicine (JUCM), and the American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA).

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