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Salary + Job Growth
The current average salary for a Wound Care Technician in the United States is roughly $70,234 per year. If you’re looking for a higher salary, it is an option to take a position in one of the highest-paying states. The states that have the highest average salaries are as follows (in descending order): Rhode Island, Nevada, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. The average salaries in these states range from $72,733, in Rhode Island, to $75,144, in Hawaii.

Some nonmedical benefits of working as a Wound Care Technician include working in a rewarding career, having the ability to choose what setting to work in, entering the medical field quickly, treating patients with different cases each day, and having the opportunity for higher education after graduating.

Wound Care Technicians should possess the following skills: compassion, empathy, attention to detail, communication skills, and technological skills.

Job Duties
As a wound care technician, you will be completing duties such as cleaning and dressing patients’ wounds to facilitate their recovery. You will also perform minor and major debridement and collect and record tissue samples from burn victims.

Work Environment
In this profession, you can expect to work in a hospital or clinical environment (including home healthcare facilities and specialty clinics).

While the process of becoming a Wound Care Technician may be long and challenging, some Wound Care Technicians choose to pursue CME, or continuing medical education. There are a couple of different places you can seek out CME resources: directory-like websites and specialty-focused organizations. Some CME resources you may find include videos, live and virtual conferences, live and virtual courses, and videos. You can find CME resources provided by the following organizations:, HMP Global Learning Network, WoundReference, Wild Iris Medical Education, Capscare, and many others.

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